Shorkie Post – Maraudering Moles

Tessa has a love for the Mediterranean lifestyle. She loves the summer. She loves throwing back the curtains in the mornings when the sun is out and the sky is blue, the combination highlights the hours she spends in the garden planting, pruning and making the lawn green and beautiful. Flat, like a bowling green.

Unfortunately, for the last week, flinging back the curtains has been followed by a groan and a mouthful of expletives. She seems to have it in for the subterranean visitors in our garden.


Isn’t he cute?

Driven into our garden by the recent activity in the fields, every morning Mr Mole and his family, leave one or two of these which is what all the fuss is about.


Portrayed as being the loveable Mr Mole


Or do we endear to them as we have been led to believe they are blind? This actually a fallacy.


Moles have poor sight which is because they spend most of the time underground.

If their burrows are underground, why the need to leave molehills? Well, the ‘hills’ are the excess dirt that has been mined away by the mole to create their tunnels. Currently under the lawn in our garden.

Tessa is someone who loves all creatures great and small. She may say she is ‘out to get’ Mr Mole but I know deep down she is hoping that he will take his family back into the fields as soon as things get quieter. Like now! So shoo! Ollie and I are on the case!


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