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If we currently have subterranean visitors, our comparatively new neighbours are freaking out about the birds. The amount of them, the dawn chorus and the SH1T they are apparently depositing on their patios; which are at the front and the back of their property.

“Shhhhh! We are not supposed to be in this garden!”
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Our hedges are growing on a daily basis, it is that time of the year, unfortunately one of them is exploding over one of the neighbour’s patios. They were frantically trying to cut their end back last weekend and I apologised and told them that I have the professional dudes coming round to cut it back next week. Everything is growing so fast!

The neighbours now have scaffolding up, doing something to their roof, in an attempt to stop the birds landing on it.

They obviously know that our gardens are a hedge away, or in their case, a wall away, from a field … so why would you buy a house so up close and personal to a plethora of wildlife, airborne and on the ground … and underground of course.

Do I tell them we have a bird table that feeds several hundred tiny little tweeters and bird feeders dotted around the garden? Fortunately the bird table is camouflaged by a much larger hedge than the one the neighbours are tweeting about. This bigger, much taller, hedge is positively a small bird communal living extravaganza which, in their small world, is probably the size of France.

We love the birds of course, even the cats have a congenial respect for them, but they are well and truly outnumbered and at the moment their focus of attention is the mole invasion anyway. Not that they can catch them, well, neither can the Mole Man! Elusive little blighters!

Anyway, if anybody has any ideas about how to keep our beautiful wild bird population out of next door’s garden … please send us a tweet.


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