Tom Jones! My, My, My! Has He Still Got ‘IT’?!

Who says there is no culture in Jersey … as in the Channel Islands! We had a fantastic time on Friday being entertained by up and coming Jersey artists – and believe me we have quite a few – who were supporting The Legend that is Tom Jones.


Never having been to a Tom Jones concert before, I had wondered if the knicker throwing rumours were true, but I didn’t have to wait very long to find out as it started fairly early on in his set as the first giant pair were hurled, from quite some distance, towards his face but he coolly ducked his head in time, as he clearly has so many times before. The ladies, young and old…er, love him and there is no question that he oozes charisma. The lady next door to me was getting very carried away!


At 74 Tom Jones is still a fantastic performer; a true professional. This is someone who can boast no less than 36 Top Forty hits during his illustrious career that began in The Sixties and there is no question that he is still on top of his game.


He totally commands the stage, supported by his amazing band who, along with his musical director, Gary Wallis – also the drummer – have been on the road with Tom for many years.

They reeled off most of his hits interspersed with material from his new album, Spirit in the Room.


Sir Tom, was awarded his Knighthood in 1999 in recognition of his services to music and he was in Jersey to help to raise funds for 2 very worthy Jersey causes – Help a Jersey Child and Clic Sargent (Jersey).

It was a privilege to witness such a Legend perform and 6000 of us had the opportunity to do so. Must have been the biggest audience anywhere in Jersey ever.


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