Sam’s MS Fund Raising Sky Dive – August 2014

In your working life you speak to people over the phone on a daily basis and you think you know them quite well. In this case I clearly did not. Sam Duravala is bubbly and out-going, with a great sense of humour, who Ip must have been talking over the phone to for the last 5 years.

Sam Duravala
Sam Duravala

So when she asked me for sponsorship for a sky dive she was going to do, it was a bit of a shock to find out that she was diagnosed 4 years ago with an aggressive highly active Multiple Sclerosis and during that time has had many relapses.


“The treatment I needed wasn’t able to be funded at the time so I’ve had to do it privately for the past year or so and it works fantastically. I’ve been relapse free for a year!!” Said Sam, she also said that” the MS Society over here (Guernsey) have been amazing and have helped me all the way through, so I’m doing a charity sky dive to raise some money for them“.

Sam will be doing the jump on August 25th 2014, so please support her. She doesn’t know the time yet, nut the landing site will be at L’Eree in Guernsey so, as she says she will have nice view of the all the Channel Islands and potentially France if it’s a clear day and she manages to keep her eyes open! Go for it Sam!

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