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GROUCHY BLOGS – Relaxing on the Beach

How difficult can it be? I am a self confessed beach bum. I love the beach with a passion. So why can’t I get comfortable? I can’t seem to mould myself into low slung beach chairs any more. I am too mean to buy two sun loungers for the day. I am not going to be there for that long. So have to mould myself into the sand. Then I can’t get up without a considerable amount of effort. Not good for my beach cred. High winds are bringing in copious amounts of seaweed into shore. So I can’t even float, without getting weed up my bits.


Why am I so grumpy? Am getting old I guess. Groan. So, I am for a beach amble to try and adjust myself to this grizzly fact. At least I can still manage that.


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