Queens of Cabaret – Fascinating Aïda – A Completely Unbiased Review

I am counting the days until Fascinating Aïda return to The Opera House, Jersey on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th September 2014. I have seen them perform many times over the 30 years they have been on the road. I have all their CDs, DVD’s and have just bought a copy of the paperback Fascinating Who? – Published in October1986. So OK I am a avid fan but this, of course, is a completely unbiased review.

The Fabulous Fascinating  Aïda
The Fabulous Fascinating Aïda

They have been described as ‘Absolutely Fabulous meets Noel Coward, as sung by the Andrew Sisters’”. I would describe my favourite girl band as addictive. After 30 years they still make me laugh until I can barely breathe when they perform numbers such as Down with the Kids. During the same performance they can also reduce me to a snivelling wreck with I Saw Two People Fall in Love or the bitter sweet Mother Dear Mother.

This year, Dillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pullman are on the Charm Offensive Tour. Don’t be fooled by their operetta style and posh frocks, Fascinating Aida write edgy, satirical and delightfully risqué lyrics, principally written by Dillie and Adele.

Fascinating Aida

So how they keep a show current after 30 years? Where do they get their brilliant ideas from? I have no idea where the inspirations come from. Mostly they just grow slowly in my mind. I try to work on putting together a collection of songs that will be sufficiently varied to keep an audience entertained for over two hours” . Dillie Keene – London Calling Interview – December 2013 Read more at

Dillie Keane
Dillie Keane

For me they will forever be the Queens of Cabaret. Their shows will always be current because of their sharp wit, abundant talent and the enthusiasm that they put into all their performances. Don’t take my word for it, if you want an uplifting evening, go and see them for yourself.

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