noun. an awkward, eccentric, or foolish person

Fortunately, it does not translate into Mongolian

I hope galoot doesn’t describe me. I maybe a little wacky, a little awkward at times, but I am no fool, even if I am irritating myself at the moment due to these intermittent skirmishes I keep having with the demon Writers Block.


The tutor of the once weekly Writer Group I used to go to would give us a list of titles at the end of the evening from which we would chose one and write a short story to correlate with it and read out in class the following week. It worked a treat and generally as soon as I got home I would churn out a story; although not sure it might have been my competitive spirit kicking in. My star sign is Aries and we are very competitive.

These days my online Dictionary pings me every morning with the Word of the Day and I am challenging myself to write 500 words a day inspired by the Word of the Today. As you already know today’s word is galoot. So here goes.

I knew someone once who would fall under the Galoot Heading. My Mother had an, older, widowed friend who she saw a great deal of. It was clear that Nancy had been stunning as a younger woman. She was already well into her Forties when I first met her and she was jaw-droppingly attractive and great fun to be with. I can totally understand why my Mother spent so much time with her. She always made a fuss of me, so that was good and I was as enthralled with her like my Mother was.

Nancy, had two sons. Her youngest son, Charles, was about 26 when my memory’s kicks in. I was still at school at the time and this guy was tall, gangly and public school educated. He always wore white linen suits and had a stutter. Alongside the stutter it was evident that Charles took drugs, given his swagger and general galoot style. My Mother and her friends had an used an unfortunate phrase when describing him. “It is terribly sad, Charles is a bit of a druggie”.

He had a girlfriend, who stayed with him for many years. She was a model and I remember, every time I saw her, she always wore a white, completely see through dress. My step-father was aways very amused, if not a not a little tickled, by the see through-ness of it all. She was white blonde, beautiful, dreadfully skinny and as touched with the white stuff as Charles undoubtedly was.

Charles would be around on and off for the the next 20 years of my life. Mostly off than on if you consider ‘around’ beingd half a dozen social gatherings a year. He never married his long term girlfriend in her see through white dresses and his drug problem never escaped him. I don’t ever recall him receiving a help for his addiction.

Galoot and tragic in the same breath. I would go on to know, to love and to lose friends of my own age whose lives were consumed, wrecked and taken by drugs.

Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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