FASCINATING AIDA – Like a Fine Wine, They Improve With Age

I have lost count how many times I have seen Fascinating Aida, but as soon as the lights go down on one performance, I am on the Internet again looking another one of their shows to go and see. Currently they are on their Charm Offensive Tour, which runs until March 2015 and they performed at the Opera House in Jersey yesterday and will be there again tonight. I can honestly say that last night’s show was the best ever.

Dillie Keane, Liza Pullman and Adele Anderson are Fascinating Aida.

Fascinating Aida

Don’t be fooled by their operetta style and posh frocks, Fascinating Aida write edgy, satirical and delightfully risqué lyrics, principally written by Dillie and Adele, which they deliver with aplomb and perfect timing. They complement each other so brilliantly and not only vocally. You can really definitely feel the vibe that they get on extremely well, both on and off the stage.

With a batch of new songs to enthral us with, they start the show with We’re Next about the ghastliness of growing old and they don’t make it anywhere near the bridge before they regally let slip the f word.

Gary Williams’ Cabaret Secrets
Written by Gary Williams
Published on Thursday, 21 August 2014
Performance reviewed: Charm Offensive, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014

“It’s interesting what you can get away when you’ve got a smart accent and a posh frock. Whereas most pensioners would be sizzling with consternation if they heard Jonathan Ross use the the c word – Fascinating Aida had them shouting for more.

It is so true.

Straight into We’re Not Done Yet, then comes the hilarious Boomerang Kids, about grown up children returning to live with their parents, which they sing a cappella. Rapidly followed by Gemma, Rebecca and Claire, spending Nigel’s Bonus and, because of Nigel’s busy schedule, they have booked a day to have a shag in 2017 and have teeth in their vaginas. Ladies where do you get your inspiration?

So how they keep the show current after over 30 years on the road? Where do they get their brilliant ideas from? “I have no idea where the inspirations come from. Mostly they just grow slowly in my mind. I try to work on putting together a collection of songs that will be sufficiently varied to keep an audience entertained for over two hours” . Dillie Keene – London Calling Interview – December 2013 Read more at

Dillie Keane
Dillie Keane

The highlights from the show for me, apart from the songs already mentioned, were Dillie kicking off Act 2 with the hysterical ‘Allo Bonjour Monsieur!, Adele’s Prisoner of Gender and Liza’s Out Of Practice. But this is overall, a rollicking good show.

Fascinating Aida are probably best known in recent years for their songs Dogging, Cheap Flights and Down With The Kids. But there is so much more to Fascinating Aida. Dillie studied music at Trinity College, Dublin and is an accomplished pianist and actress. She also writes incredibly poignant songs such as Look Mummy No Hands. Adele is also an actress, she recently appeared in an episode of New Tricks and is an avid supporter of the British Humanist Association. Liza, Fascinating Aida’s longest serving soprano of over 10 years, has also appeared on TV in series such as Midsummer Murders. Although younger than Dillie and Adele, she is an integral part of Fascinating Aida who are The Queens of Cabaret.

I went with a friend last night who had never seen Fascinating Aida perform before. Her verdict “I haven’t laughed so much for a very long time!” Neither have I, well not since I last went to one of their performances. So get yourself down to the Opera House tonight or go to to find a gig near you. You can also download the Charm Offensive programme here

Click to access charm-offensive-programme.pdf

Or watch a snippet of this fantastic show on You Tube

Fascinating Aida - The Opera House, Jersey 26/09/14
Fascinating Aida – The Opera House, Jersey


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