“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” – William Shakespeare

I am not quite sure why at this particular time of my life I feel an overwhelming need to check out my daily horoscope. Fortunately I am not quite neurotic enough to feel compelled to consult an astrologer to convince me that it is safe to go out of the house; just in case someone has dug a trench outside my front door during the night.

For years I have pooh poohed the idea that my destiny could possibly be determined by the stars. Surely we all carve out our own paths in life? The saying ‘written in the stars’ is just a saying. Right?

I woke up feeling tired this morning. Not a good feeling.


I had already decided that taking Cassie The Blog Dog for a walk would be my most strenuous activity during the course if the day. Then my horoscope plopped into my inbox and it said “your energy is a bit out of sync with your people, but that just means you’ve got to take it easy”. It had to be a coincidence. Hadn’t it?

In August this year, I blogged about communing with the Universe whilst walking along the beach in The Algarve on the most perfect Summer’s day. I was at one with my surroundings. I was at total peace with myself and could have kept on walking. Whilst I walked, I was subconsciously challenging the mighty macrocosm to reveal my destiny and I think it opened up a little.

When I returned home I started calling my old school friends, to compare notes about our lives and arranging to meet them to catch up properly. So maybe the sudden interest in my stars, my destiny, coincides with the length if time I have been on this planet, which has been a whirlwind of a roller coaster ride. Maybe I feel that the roller coaster is slowing down a little. I sense my life is slowing down and I need to focus on what really matters. So perhaps it is time to commune with the the all knowing Universe and ask it point blank how much longer I have left. Time to spend going to see Fascinating Aida shows and time to spend walking along the beach with Cassie The Blog Dog. Eating at the Temperus Beach Bar on Trafal Beach in The Algarve with the people I care about, whilst watching the stars, ‘my stars’, shifting into place.


Whether my future is written celestially or by me galvanising what is in my heart, it needs to drift into my orbit soon.

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