2014 X Factor Finalists – Who do you love?

What is it about talent shows that this so compulsive? ITV’s X Factor has gone through it’s highs and lows during its 10 year reign, but the show for us was never quite the same without Simon Cowell. So it is good to have him back this year and Cheryl too.

The show boasted its highest launch figures in three years last Saturday, 11th October, when it attracted 9.5 million viewers, which could be due to the return of Cheryl and Simon, but also the contestants are pretty darn good this year, which might have something to do with it as well.

The 2014 X Factor Finalists
The 2014 X Factor Finalists

It was 80’s night last night and the viewing figures dropped to a mere 7.8 million as the X Factor came head to head with BBC One’s Strictly Come Dancing which wowed 8.4 million viewers. We have no doubt that the X Factor Faithful will be back to support their favs tonight.

So who stood out for us last night? In no particular order:

Fleur East – from day one we thought Fleur had the total ‘Popstar Package”. Despite Mel B’s negative comments last night, we thought her performance of “It’s a Shame” was the essence of what 80’s night is all about. So, it’s a shame about Mel B’s comments.

Fleur East - Perfect Pop Star Package?
Fleur East – Perfect Pop Star Package?

Lauren Platt – 17 eh? So not even a twinkle in her parent’s eyes when Irene Cara was belting out one of our favourite 80’s tracks ‘What a Feeling!” from Fame that Lauren really smashed last night. She is incredibly poised for her age, with a fantastic voice. A voice will see her through to the final stages of the competition.

Only the Young – they have something about them. They know how to perform for a kick off. They don’t just stand there hugging the mic, they move around, interacting with the audience and enjoy themselves.

Only The Young
Only The Young

Chloe Jasmine – it has to be said that Chloe is different, quirky. We embrace ‘different’ and ‘quirky’. We thought Simon’s comment “You can’t put a hamster in a dog kennel” was a bit offside and we will be rooting for Chloe tonight. Better song choice next week Cheryl

Ben Haenow – love his voice. Not sure that he would be best suited fronting a band …..

Lola Saunders – Loved Lola from day one. Her voice has a richness to it and we hope she has ditched her nerves and will go a long way in this competition.

Difficult to chose. Who do you love?

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