Have Temporary Boyfriend … Will Travel

You have to admire the brass neck of 19 year old Zu Peng from Shanghai who has been advertising for Temporary Boyfriends to pay for her to travel across China. She used Social Media to ‘advertise’ her quirky little ruse. “Travel with [me] … adorable girl recruiting temporary boyfriends from all parts of China to be my travel partners …”. Why not blow our own trumpet? Mind you, this is what she looks like …


… it may not be too surprising that she has already travelled through Suzhou, Wuxi and Nanjing while in the company of three Temporary Boyfriends, according to Sina News. Sina have also reported that Zu explained that she doesn’t have any income and she doesn’t want to “suffer” during her tours. She merely asks that the temporary boyfriend take care of all her accommodations. In return for that, she’ll travel with him all day and spend the night with him.

Mind you, she’s pretty fussy as she stipulates that candidates must be rich and generous, taller than 5’7″and under 30 years old. So no pressure guys.

I don’t know, call me old fashioned, but I cannot imagine anything worse than travelling with a stranger, let alone cuddling up to them as the temperature plummets during the long Chinese nights. Mind you, it would seem that this is the price Lu is prepared to pay, for being totally brassic.

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