The Melbourne Cup 2014 – Double Tragedy

I love horses and I am ambivalent about racing.

I was bought up in a horsey household and was spoilt for choice as I could choose which horse I wanted to ride every day. My father had a few racehorses and even as a child, I couldn’t bring myself to watch them race because I was only too aware of the dangers involved in steeplechasing but, the Melbourne Cup is run over the flat.

As BBC racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght says

“The grim reality is that however hard you try it (racing) will never be 100% safe.”

So, unfortunately, the 2014 Melbourne Cup will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. Hot favourite Admire Rakti collapsed and died in the stalls immediately after the race from a heart attack. He had actually led the race for a while then finished last. Perhaps he should have been pulled up?

Araldo, apparently spooked by a flag being waved by a member of the public after the race, kicked out and broke a hind leg on a fence by the path.

Although Araldo’s life came to an abrupt end due to a freak accident, you have to wonder how Admire Rakti passed the pre-race veterinary inspection.

Two beautiful horses in their prime. What a tragedy. What a waste.


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