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Am I Losing My Mind? Nah! It’s Just My Age …

I have been a bit worried about myself recently. I have been forgetting stuff. Rushing back to the car park and not having the first idea which floor I left mine on. I am constantly having to look things up that I have been able to reel off the top of my head for years. The Saturday Telegraph General Knowledge Crossword is becoming ever more difficult and the urge to Google all the answers is overwhelming. Sadly it is all a part of the ageing process.


The Guardian published an article on 6th January 2012 which reported that scientists had carried out research on 7000 Civil Servants and concluded that the brain can start to deteriorate from the age of 45. Which is a tad depressing.

Lack of sleep doesn’t help either and I am one of the biggest offenders. I wake at least four times a night and struggle to get back to sleep again.

I have just got around to reading a great article by Deborah Ross which was published in The Times on 6th November 2014 titled Competitive Forgetting
Deborah competes with her friends about who is the most forgetful. It made me smile and think that maybe I should stop worrying about my rapidly decreasing neurons. Don’t sweat the small stuff, the ageing process has a lot more horrors to throw at you and try to remember, you are not alone.

Now, where did I put my glasses?


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