What exactly are all the knockers who continue to write bombastic and derogatory articles about Bob Geldof and #BANDAID30 trying to achieve?

Accusing the rich and famous of merely donating their time to record another fund raising version of Do They Know It’s Christmas? to raise money to combat a virus that is rampaging through Africa seems a little harsh.   Seemingly aghast that the great British public should be expected to donate their hard earned cash to buy a copy of the track.

Of course we have a choice about whether or not to buy the track and we made it last Sunday night.  Thanks to the celebrity do-gooders, we donated £2 Million during the few minutes the video that accompanies the track was being aired on the X-Factor. So we are more than prepared to donate to a cause that will stop the Ebola virus spreading.  The virus has already knocked on the doors of Spain and the U.S.A.   So, which country will be next?


The Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has been around for a while.  It was first diagnosed in 1976.  There were two cases, one in Sudan and the other in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We know how devastating it is, so what have we been doing to combat it since 1976? Not enough apparently.   Are we prepared? Or, are we going to wait until the disease reaches pandemic proportions before doing anything about it?


There is currently no licensed treatment or vaccine available to treat it.    That should concentrate your mind.  Charity may well begin at home and there are other diseases on our doorstep that we already have to contend with, so we do not want Ebola as well.

So, we applaud the efforts of everyone involved in #BANDAID30.  Surely it doesn’t matter where the funds come from as long as someone, somewhere is testing new vaccines and therapies.  We  cannot continue to be complacent  and we should not knock those who are prepared to do something about it, before it is too late .  BUY IT NOW!

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