“If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what is.” ~Unknown


Growing up I had so many questions about life and the universe. There was, and always has been, too much going on in my head. Most of the questions I had back then, my parents failed to answer. Don’t get me wrong, they were caring parents, but they were both caught up in their own individual and complex emotional dilemmas, mostly due to the knock on effects of both World Wars.

Some questions were answered during my school years then, when I left home and discovered my freedom, my youthful exuberance and passion seemed to override my thirst for my own spiritual knowledge. So I ended up crashing through life without getting to know the inner me. Always trying to prove myself to my parents, my bosses and my peers without thinking about what I really felt about it all deep down.

Then at some point I found myself angsting about ‘what might have been’. I try to adhere to my Brother’s philosophy. He says “What has gone, has gone. You cannot change it, so just move on?”


Then I found myself stressing about my future. Do I want to be doing what I am doing now in 10 years time? What steps can I take to move on? Will I have enough money to live on when I retire? Will I have to carry on working until I drop?


If you have been berating yourself with similar questions then whoa! We need to take time out. We need to take long, slow, deep breaths and chill. Take in what is around you at this moment in time. Whether you are taking the dog for a walk; watching a football match or sitting by the fire with the people you care about the most. Breath it all in. It is time for us to take stock of our own emotional wellbeing and spiritual enlightenment. Right here, right now.

Like so many other people, I had thought about making a few New Year resolutions. Getting my act together and reorganising my life but in order to achieve that, I need to declutter my mind. I have way too many thoughts bouncing around inside my brain which I need to offload and process on a daily basis rather than allowing them to accumulate and jam up my creative thinking. More importantly, I need to find my inner stillness. So, instead of making the same old New Year resolutions that I have broken in the past, I am trying to concentrate on what makes me tick in the present.

“When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world. Your innermost sense of self, of who you are, is inseparable from stillness. This is the I Am that is deeper than name and form”.

I have spent too much of my life thinking and stressing about what I am going to be doing with the rest of my life and what went wrong in the past. I need to live for the here and now. I am sure that if my parents had concentrated more on the present, the pain from the past would have been easier to bear.

I sit next to someone at work who gets up at 05.30a.m. every morning and practices Yoga for an hour and a half before a full days work. She is always calm, fun to work with and, I guess, completely in touch with her inner self.

So, for the moment. Life is but a dash. And remember to breath it all in, very slowly.


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