Animal Abuse – Stop it Now!

On average, every 10 seconds someone in England and Wales dials the RSPCA’s 24 -hour cruelty line for help.  In 2013, they received 1,327,849 phone calls.

Animal cruelty is something that is alien and abhorrent to me.  What triggers a person to inflict pain and suffering on any animal?  It is beyond all comprehension and I find it horrifying that it is happening all too frequently in the U.K.   Some people are behaving like barbarians towards animals and it has got to stop!

In 2014 the RSPCA stated that although animal cruelty cases were on the rise, they have had a 100% success rate for its prosecutions after facing a “growing animal cruelty crisis“.

Some small comfort I suppose and thank goodness for the RSPCA but, should we all be doing more to help?

Distressing statistics show that dogs are the main victims in cruelty cases and in one County only in the UK, during the course 2013, 27 people were prosecuted and goodness only knows how many people are never punished for acts of cruelty towards animals.

Some of the people that were convicted in 2013 where responsible for the following crimes:

  • A 51 year old man and a 21 year old woman were convicted for allowing a Great Dane cross and her three puppies to fend for themselves in  faeces ridden flimsy outdoor shelter. One pup died and the other, despite veterinary intervention, had to be put to sleep to prevent it from suffering further.   The couple concerned were banned from owning animals for 10 years and fined £250.  Is this sufficient punishment?  In my opinion they should never be allowed to go near any animal again.  There is a happy ending here though,  the Great Dane cross Mum and her surviving pup are now in a loving new home.
  • A married couple were banned from keeping dogs for 5 years after their dogs were found to be emaciated.  Their Luncher weighed less than a cat.  Do you think a five year ban from owning dogs is enough?
  • In another case, a man had battered his dog, Daisy, so badly that he claimed she had been hit by a car.  She was found dead, packed into a holdall in the man’s cellar.  She had multiple head and rib fractures.  He was banned from owning animals for the rest of his life and served 23 weeks in prison.  That is more like it.  Any act of cruelty should be severely punished.

Unfortunately, people are still getting away with appalling acts of cruelty.  There is the horrible story of a young Staffordshire Bull Terrier who was found abandoned in a wood.  She had head injuries and was tied to a pole and had to stand completely still to avoid being choked.  She had suffered blunt trauma to her right eye and head.  Perhaps not too surprisingly, she lost the sight of her eye.  The monster who beat her and left her to die has never been bought to justice and has probably found another animal to beat by now.

Although the numbers of convictions had decreased in most areas, there is still ‘a culture of cruelty’. – Head of Public Affairs RSPCA – David Bowles

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