UK TV Series Wolf Hall – Slow Progress

As you know, I have been totally absorbed with 6 seasons worth of Lost and since then I have found it very difficult to find myself … an alternative viewing pleasure.

The thing is that I love period dramas, so I thought getting into Wolf  Hall which is set in my favourite period in UK  history and cost £7 Million to produce would be all too easy, especially with its fantastic cast.  Well, it is proving harder than I thought.

Mark Rylance, who is one of the UK’s leading Shakespearian actors, steals the show as  Thomas Cromwell, the son of a blacksmith who became a lawyer then ultimately Chief Minister to King Henry the VIII.

This is Mark Rylance as Thomas Cromwell


This is the real deal


Henry VIII is played by Damian Lewis of Homeland fame and we seemed to have to wait an eternity for him to make an entrance.


Overall, despite the top notch cast, amazing costumes and the stunning locations the production used during filming such as Lacock Abbey it seems to me that it is incredibly slow and, so far, not easy to


get lost in.



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