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This is a Shorkie Announcement


We apologise for the lack of Lost Blogging over the last few days, but Tessa has ‘flu’.

She’s coughing and wheezing, not to mention moaning and groaning.  We have had  3 sleepless nights so far, so I am shattered.  But don’t worry,  Tessa is getting plenty of Shorkie Loving Care and I will make sure she is back blogging soon.

She keeps muttering about feeling ‘achy breaky’ and ‘chilly’, then overheats big time.   On the whole, I think I make a pretty good nurse.  Here are a couple of tips on how to cope with family members with ‘flu, especially during the night.

Lying on top of patient warms them up

1. Give patient a good licking.  This not only soothes the proverbial fevered brow, but it reassures them that they will make it though the night

2.  Lie directly on top, or alongside them,  to warm them up.  Take the weight off  your paws and dose for a bit if you can as, all too soon, the patient will be complaining that they are too hot

3.   So, when that happens, pull duvet off the patient.  Pull it over yourself you are cold or, even better, use the patient’s heat pad if they have one.  Try and get a little snooze, as you will be repeating the process again in about 5 minutes.


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