What ever next Your Majesty?

Buckingham Palace was originally constructed by Edward Blore and completed in 1850.  Queen Victoria was the first British Monarch to reside there.  Since that time some of  the things that have gone on inside those walls would make your hair curl.  Not least Stephen Fry’s extraordinary revelation last year that he had snorted cocaine inside those hallowed halls.  I am all for people being honest and hopefully  a Knighthood didn’t mean a great deal to Stephen.   Rumour has it that he might have turned one down in 2010 anyway.

It is what has been caught on camera dangling from the outside of  the Palace that has attracted my attention today.  I have watched the video a couple of times now and it is a very attractive butt if ever I saw one.  Just a question of  whose butt and whose window he dropped out of, unless of course this is an elaborate hoax?

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