GOW RANT – On a Knee-d To Know Basis

Learning that you need to have a knee replacing and not being surprised is one thing, but contemplating how long you will have to wait for the procedure to be carried out is another thing entirely.

You wouldn’t know it to look at me know now but I played tennis almost every day for 30 years


and I was addicted to aerobics classes during my twenties and early thirties.


I played hockey most weekends well into my forties, generally very badly.

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Throughout all my adrenalin junkie years, I never really looked after my body particularly well. I never listened to what it was telling me.untitled (9)

So when parts of my anatomy started hurting, I took pain killers and played on regardless.  What an idiot.

I have been hobbling on and off for around 7 years, the cartilage has disintegrated in my knees and arthritis has set in big time. I have been putting up with the pain, because it has been just about bearable.  I saw my Consultant at the beginning of December 2014 expecting my right knee to be washed out only to be told that they were not carrying out the procedure anymore because of the risk of infection.  I had a shot of cortisone directly into that knee and hobbled off.  It kept me going over Christmas, but since then the pain has become unbearable.

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I kicked up a fuss and demanded to see the Consultant again. I had both knees x-rayed last week and surprise, surprise, my right knee needs replacing. Too late for a wash out now and my left knee is likely to follow suit.

I was relieved. The thought of being completely pain free and walking without wincing makes me extremely happy. Unfortunately, there is a six months waiting list. The pain relief I have been given makes me feel like a space cadet and it is not doing it’s job anyway.  So the question is, am I going to be able to cope with it for the next 6 months?  The answer of course is that, in the absence of any private medical cover,  I have no option.  And let’s look on the bright side, a earlier slot may well come up, but I am not going to hold my breath.

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