The Dry Creek Quartet – A Happy Ending

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (March 31, 2014) – On March 24, The Cloud Foundation received an anonymous tip that BLM had rounded up and removed 41 free-roaming horses from public lands in northern Wyoming. Further investigation revealed that BLM conducted a helicopter roundup of the horses and turned them over to the Wyoming Livestock Board who sold the horses directly to the Canadian Bouvry Slaughterhouse .  

Tuesday’s Horse, 1st April 2015

It is news snippets like this that make me sick to the stomach.  I cannot get my head around why, in a country the size of the USA that 41 free-roaming horses are not allowed to live out their lives in the wild where they were born and where they belong.

We have been following the story of Cloud The Stallion for a couple of years now.


The Cloud Foundation is a Colorado non-profit corporation, started by Emmy Award-winning producer, cinematographer, writer, editor and award-winning author, Ginger Kathrens.    – seen here filming Cloud.


Ginger was concerned not onlybout  Cloud’s herd but for other wild horses in the West.  Indeed the unnerving reports about the herds of wild horses in the USA that are being cruelly rounded up by helicopter, captured and slaughtered is of great concern.  Thanks to Ginger and her team, these horses now have a voice.

Ginger Kathrens at The White House
Ginger Kathrens at The White House

I am glad to say that today’s story has a happy ending.   On Monday 24th March 2014, Ginger received an anonymous tip off about the 41 horses being rounded up in Wyoming.  Stacy Newby, co-owner of the Worland Livestock Auction, rescued four foals that were headed for slaughter.

These four foals, who became known as the ‘Dry Creek Quartet’, Maestro, Allegro, Cornet and Piccolo, were taken in by experienced veterinarian Dr. Lisa Jacobson in Northern Colorado.

The foals were very young at the time and highly traumatised from being separated from their lactating mothers.  Here they are on 2nd April 2014 after their first few days of TLC provided by Dr Lisa.

They were gorgeous 1 year ago


and today

The Dry Creek Quartet

Just beautiful.  They are Maestro, the only male, who is a handsome blaze-faced sorrel colt. His half sister is, Allegro, the oldest who functions as lead mare for our Quartet. Then there is feisty Coronet, the gorgeous little bay and Piccolo the pinto girl, who Dr. Lisa believes was only a few days old when captured.

This is Coronet now.  Isn’t she just beautiful?  And this is what she has to say.


“I am a bay filly who is a quiet, gentle girl. Dr. Lisa told me that I would be a good horse for a younger person or even older folks too.   She also told me I was “super honest.” I don’t know what that means, but I think it’s good.…   I would love to be a trail horse – taking my person on long trail rides and I have already learned about wearing a halter and trusting people.   I get along with everybody– all my other 3 foal friends, as well as all of Dr. Lisa’s big horses and our new friend Don Keyxote, the donkey. If you think you and I would be a good match, I hope you will come and meet me. We’ve had a wonderful life with Dr. Lisa, but I am also ready for a new adventure.   To learn more about me and how to adopt, please click here on your computer.”

So, this is my happy ending.  These babies got off to a hell of a start but fortunately, thanks to Stacy Newby, Ginger and Dr Lisa, they were given a second chance.  I cannot bear to think what happened to their mothers.  So if you can give one or more of the Dry Creek Quartet a loving home, then please get in touch with The Cloud Foundation.

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