Cassie The Blog Dog:  Why are you in such a bad mood?

Me: Who says I am in a bad mood?!  I am out here in the drizzle taking you for a walk aren’t I?

Cassie The Blog Dog:  Well, why don’t you let me off my lead then?!  GHRRRRRRR!


Me:  BECAUSE you keep eating rotten potatoes!

Cassie the Blog Dog: No I don’t!

Me: Excuse me … you most certainly do!  They sink, so your breath stinks and the rest of you stink and then you throw up … usually on the carpet when we get home … and guess who has to clear it up?

Cassie the Blog Dog:  Are you insinuating that I smell?

Me:  You will if you eat rotten potatoes!  So you are staying on your lead!

Cassie the Blog Dog: See! I knew you were in a bad mood …