In Jersey, Channel Islands, we are a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, phew … a big description for a small island.  Anyway, it doesn’t stop us from avidly watching what goes on the other side of the British Channel as the UK Election reaches fever pitch.  There seems to be a great deal of backbiting and muckraking going on ‘down south’ at the moment that would make me want to defect to Scotland and vote for Nicola Sturgeon who doesn’t have to take on a stroppy, skulduggery persona to get her message across.  I know nowt* about politics really but I do appreciate someone who tells you how things are going to be without having to backstab the opposition.

From the UK Election battlegrounds and across the Atlantic now to the US Senate.  Janice Ian posted this video on her Facebook page today and her comment was

“Eloquent, spot on, nothing wasted.  It really gets going halfway through. Wish Senator Savino was running for President ….

Janice Ian 02/05/2015″

 On the subject of marriage equality, this is NYS Senator Diane Savino’s  honest and succinct address to the US Senate in 1999.  Diane Savino can pop over here and run for the much fought over job as UK Prime Minister if she fancies it.  So?  The Green Party leader is an Aussie, even if she is occasionally at a loss for words.

Honesty is the best policy and some of the UK’s politicians could learn from watching this.

*Please note, I was born in Yorkshire, so hence the usage of the word nowt.  So, just in case it gets lost in translation, especially when translated  into Mongolian, nowt means nothing.

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