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My Greek Genes

A few years ago, one of my Australian cousins spent some considerable time tracing my father’s side of the family back to 860.  Would you believe, we are all descendants of Bernard The Dane?  Impressive, huh? More recently I have been delving into my mother’s family history and am already struggling to find out more about my Greek genes.

My grandmother was born in Athens, Greece (I believe, in 1903.  She married my grandfather in a forces ceremony in Istanbul (Constantinople as it was in those days), in 1921.

Forces Weddings 1921

I have no idea what my grandmother was doing in Constantinople in 1921, or how she met my grandfather.

History paints a complex,  and not altogether stable, picture of the country around that time.

I must have Greek/Turkish relations. When I was a very young, we used to receive Christmas cards from Greece and I do know my grandmother had a brother.  I would really like to re-establish contact if they would like to.

My grandmother’s family never saw her again, after she married my grandfather as she spent the rest of her life in the U.K.

I hope, one day, I can track down my Greek relations so I can tell them what a wonderful person she was and how lucky I was to have been able to call her Grandma.


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