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I receive many emails from dogs around the world seeking my advice and I have had a few epistles from cats as well, which is probably because my best friend, Ollie, is a cat.  Mostly they contact me about problems they have with their humans and of course I tell them that  training is so important, especially during the first year, as you don’t want yours to get into bad habits. Tessa would be a couch potato if it wasn’t for me.

imageLast year I had a rather alarming email from a Mongolian Shepherd Dog called Batu who was struggling to control his temper.


I could instantly see from a series of pictures he sent me that he indeed had a few anger issues. Anyway, I told him that his vet could probably help him with his aggression, although it might mean small operation.

Of course Batu lives in the outer Mongolian boondocks and had never seen a vet in his life.  Anyway, we Skyped for a while, which gave him chance to get things off his chest.  I suggested that he should go out and find himself a nice охин and settle down. I didn’t hear from him for a while and was a bit worried that I may have put my paw in it, but he sent me this picture yesterday .. little cuties arn’t they, although they are my size already.

© David Ganba
© David Ganba

So Batu had taken my advice and found a nice охин th3NUHMU5Ewho seems to be keeping him on the straight and narrow mountain paths.

So, please, do get in touch with any problem that you need help with and I would be more than happy to talk it through with you.


  1. Hi Doodlebug, Cassie here. You poor thing, having to eat something you don’t like. Although you are only little, I think you should definitely speak up for yourself. I would start by appealing to your human with your eyes. It works wonders for me. Every time they dish out dog food for you, look at them like you are about to cry. If that doesn’t work you could eat a little dog food and then chuck up on the carpet. That should get them motivated. Let me know how you get on. Cx

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