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Exposé! Men Demeaning Women – Enough is Enough!

And so it goes on … our post of 16/05/2015 zoomed in on Toronto’s Teeny Weenie Hecklers making sexually demeaning comments to  Toronto’s City News Reporter, Shauna Hunt, on live TV. Shauna, I am glad to say gave the little squits every bit as good as she got.  Please see one of the offending dicky, dicky, dumb, dumbs pictured with Shauna Hunt below.  Not such a big guy now huh?


Another smart arse as has put his equally demeaning feelings in writing to BBC Radio 5 Live’s Hit List presenter Emma Barnett in response to column she wrote very recently highlighting a sport-wide failure to provide coverage and sponsorship of female sport in the UK.  This was the drivel he wrote:


This teeny little weenie was not brave enough to reveal his name, mind you he was probably a little nervous that his grammar would  be exposed as well.  And, by the way, Love,  Emma is NOT YOUR LOVE!

Get a grip guys! Just what makes you think it is OK to make such pathetic and demeaning remarks about women?  What gives you the right?  I sometimes wonder that we ever hit it off at all.  As it happens we don’t want to see too much more of this sort of thing on TV either …


Instant switch off …. in more ways than one …


Does ‘all this’ make you feel good? And what hope is there for him when you all are setting such a fine example?


Ladies, what would Mrs Pankhurst have to say?  This 2015!  And men are still getting away with below the belt derogatory jibes about women.  How can we forget what women like Emmeline Pankhurst did for us and the bra-burning ladies of the Sixties?

Press of Atlantic City photo
Press of Atlantic City photo

The Freedom Trash Can (pictured above) during the bra burning days of Women’s Lib in the Sixties.   Instruments of Torture such as bras, girdles, high-heeled shoes, false eyelashes, copies of  Playboy and Cosmopolitan magazines were dumped.

What is happening to Women’s Lib?  I think we are going backwards.  This is no longer the Dark Ages.  Men cannot be allowed to think that they can get away with publically demeaning and trivialising women.  It is degrading, unacceptable and should be obliterated once and for all.  If we can’t do it for ourselves, let us try and do it for our children.  It is no longer a Man’s World.  Think on.


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