Britain’s Got Talent 2015 – The Final Showdown

BGT Finalists

According to the bookies Côr Glanaethwy  are hot favourites for tonight and the finalists are:

  1. Côr Glanaethwy (Choir) 
  2. Entity Allstars (Dance group) 
  3. Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse (Dog routine)
  4. Old Men Grooving (Dance group)
  5. Jamie Raven (Magician)
  6. UDI (Siberian dance troupe)
  7. Isaac Waddington (15-year-old singer/pianist)
  8. The Neales (singing father and son group)
  9. Calum Scott
  10. Danny Posthill
  11. Judges’ wildcard – We would like to see Revelation Avenue
  12. Public wildcard – and Jessie-Jane McParland

I have to confess that over the years I have been well and truly sucked onto the bandwagon that is Simon Cowell, more specifically the X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent (BGT).  I  am a self-confessed addict.  So addicted in fact, I have even begun to accept Simon’s fashion sense, along with his chest hair.

simon chest

Years ago, as a wannabe singer-songwriter myself,  I would spend hours recording my songs on to cassette tapes and sending the grainy, scratchy recordings off to any music producer who would listen.  I have no doubt that 98% of them were binned.  These days there are so many more opportunities to ‘get heard’ thanks to shows like BGT and the X-Factor.  Not forgetting the wonders of Internet driven platforms such as You Tube, which gives you the opportunity to visually air your talent on a global basis in a very short space of time, having pinged your video on to the whirlwind that is social media.

I have recently ponder-blogged about why an Island as small as Jersey (Channel Islands) is producing so much home grown talent, but it would seem that up and coming talent in the music genre is pouring out of dear old Blighty in general during the last few years.

Isaac Waddington’s 2015 BGT Audition

This year’s BGT has highlighted the talents of Calum Scott and Isaac Waddington, who both  jumped out of the TV screen during their auditions, let alone during their semi-final performances.  Isaac is the UK’s answer to a current Billy Joel, who interprets lyrics like someone who you would have expected to have been on the planet for more than just 15 years.

Calum is 26 with a recording voice to  die for which, as Simon Cowell pressed his Golden Buzzer after Calum’s audition, I wonder if The Cowell Golden Touch will influence the outcome of Sunday’s BGT finale?

Calum Scott
Calum Scott
golden buzzer
Calum Scott – Simon Cowell’s 2015 Golden Buzzer moment

OK, I am a little biased towards the music acts and BGT has got more to offer, but given that we promoted up-and-coming artists and bands, for several years I think we can be excused, but … I actually cried when Samurai sword wielding 9 year-old, Jessie-Jane McParland, didn’t make it to the final last night.  I wish I had that amount of ballsy brass at any stage of my life!

Will the amazing pint size, sword wielding Jesse-Jane make the final of BGT on Sunday?

There is still a chance that Jessie-Jane might make the final.  Two more Wildcard acts will appear on Sunday night’s Showdown, one chosen by the Judges and one by the Public vote.

Revelation Avenue did it for me and for Amanda Holden as she pressed her Golden Buzzer during their audition.  They gave me the feel good factor and I would really like to see you again along with Jessie-Jane wielding her sword and giving a boost of self-esteem to girls of all ages.

We are big fans of last year’s winners, Collabro and we have already ordered Act 2 by the way.  Oh yes.  We love the musical theatre here and I am sure Collabro have bought the musical theatre to many, many others who were not already in the know.  So, thank you to BGT for bringing us Collabro.

Act 2

Good luck to all the finalists tomorrow and we will leave you with our Wildcard vote – Revelation Avenue – and their upbeat audition performance of Katy Perry’s Roar.

Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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