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WARNING! Collabro – Act Two


If you are of a sensitive musical theatre disposition, then do not listen to Collabro’s Act Two whilst you are driving your car, which is where I started listening to it the other day.  If I want completely uninterrupted listening time, I play CDs in my car.

Buy it here
Buy it here

There are 10 tracks on this album and by track 2, I thought that I may be driving a little erratically and by track 5, I had to pull over as I thought I might be more than just a potential hazard to commuter traffic.  Seriously though, as follow up albums go, this is about as good as it gets.  It is an extremely well chosen selection of songs for Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert, Matt Pagan, Michael Auger and Thomas J Redgrave – aka Collabro – to build on the success of their first album Stars.  They are such talented guys and their interpretation of these songs is just brilliant.

I dreamed a dream, from Les Mis always gets my emotions quivering and Callabro-style it is nothing short of stunning.   The guy’s version of Memory from Cats gave me goose bumps and although I will forever love Freddie Mercury and Queen, I certainly wasn’t disappointed with Callobro’s interpretation of Who wants to live forever.   There are also a few non-musical numbers on the album including Jason Mraz’s I won’t give up. Which, if you haven’t heard it, you can listen to it right now.

These guys are still so very young and we said when we reviewed Stars that they are all leading men in their own right and one day I hope to see them playing musical leads in the West End.   For now anyway, the Callabro band wagon is just taking off and I am sure they will be taking endless curtain calls for the years to come.  The musical theatre is such a special place and Callabro, I am very glad to say, has brought the music to a much wider audience.

These are the tracks on the album and this is where you buy it –

1. All I Want
2. I Won’t Give Up
3. A Thousand Years
4. I’ll Be There for You
5. I Dreamed a Dream
6. Memory
7. Who Wants to Live Forever
8. Music of the Night
9. No Matter What
10. Circle of Life

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