Bike Riding in the Nuddy

Naked people will be cycling through your city soon!

I am feeling more than just a little sorry for 24 year old Eleanor Hawkins from the UK, who was arrested in Malaysia on 30th May 2015, along with another young woman and two guys.

seen here Yoga posing on Instagam
Eleanor Hawkins – in Malaysia – Yoga posing on Instagam

Their crime? The girls took their tops off and the boys took the lot off on top of the sacred Mount Kinabalu.  Then they took photos.   Then some high ranking, but misguided, Malaysian thought that because Eleanor and her back backing friends took their kit off, they caused a 5.9 earthquake on the Richter scale and that their punishment was three days in jail and a £1,300 fine.  It could have been worse and it is always worth remembering to check out the country’s do’s and don’t’s before you visit.

I was just thinking, that you could  get arrested in the UK for gallivanting naked, but that is obviously no longer the case.  The World Naked Bike Ride movement has arrived.  Look out London and Edinburgh, as tomorrow there will be an invasion of naked cyclists on your streets.  Click here to find out when the naked cyclists will be in a city near you.  Brighton!  You are next!


Never, ever was the expression saddle sore more appropriate.

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