Talk to Cassie – Grizelda the Great Dane

Hi everyone.  l am still not really back down to earth having met Rufus Labradog last weekend.  I do hope I get the opportunity to go to one of  his workshops again soon.

Grizelda Great Dane sniffed me out and has been turning up to my house for the last few days.   She barks outside my house until I go out and see her.  She gets bored at home and takes herself for walks on her own.  I told her she shouldn’t be going on the roads alone and that she should stick to the fields.  I think she just needs someone to talk to really.

Talking through Grizelda’s problems

Tessa gets in a panic when Grizelda comes to see me.  For some silly reason Tessa thinks that she is going to eat me, but she is only seeking my professional help.  I am perfectly relaxed with her.  Her humans obviously don’t spend enough time with her, which is a bit sad.  I suggested that she told her humans that she was lonely and she would like a friend.  Grizelda wondered if she could move in with us, but I told her firmly, but kindly that we should keep our relationship on a professional level.  I knew what Tessa would say, which would not be printable and from a selfish point of view, I don’t want to share my family with anybody thank you very much.

Anyway, I am pleased to report that Grizelda came to visit me today with her new friend and the good news is that, apart from Grizelda having chosen such an adorable little friend, their humans will be spending more time with them both.

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