I am having a Purple Patch and loving it!

I have blogged about Writer’s Block several times.  Those awful periods when you can’t see the keyboard through the fog. The times when I feel that I have so much going on inside my head, I just can squeeze the words out onto the page.  Saturated brain.  On many occasions I have been so desperate to write about something, that I forced myself on a daily basis to write about the http://www.dictionary.com’s Word of the Day.

Suddenly, I just can’t stop battering the words out on to the keyboard and it is a great feeling.  Could it be a Purple Patch?  The one I have been dreaming of?

A weekend in the company of Adrienne Dines,  Barbara Large and a handful of like minded people recently has undoubtedly helped to recharge my creative batteries.  I am almost ashamed to say that I spent 12 hours crouched over my laptop, virtually continuously, last Sunday.  I say ashamed because I don’t get around to doing  a stroke of work in either the house or the garden.   I have really been wanting to rehash a manuscript I haven’t picked up for over 5 years.  Over the last week or so I have completely re-written the first 10,000 words and feel a whole lot better about it.  I feel the the story has changed momentum and it feels like it is finally going somewhere.  It is growing, like with my characters, who I like a whole lot better this time around.  They are really beginning to come alive as I get inside their heads and the plot is thickening.

Of course, there are still many months of hard graft ahead, which will be a whole lot harder when my purple patch evaporates, but if other people think my characters are believable, then it will be bloody marvellous.

I am under no illusion that my Purple Patch will pass and be substituted by a hazy fog sooner than I’d like, but for now I am making the best of it.  I will be GOW Ranting about Writer’s Block again  all too soon.


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