Another Sleepless Night? Or A Tour De Force?

another sleepless night

If I keep taking my laptop to bed with me and pound the keyboards until the early hours, then complain that I am tired the following morning … I am my own worst enemy … but when the creative juices are flowing, we all instinctively know that we have to go with the flow no matter what time of day it is.  If the inspiration is there, you have to grab the moment because, in my case, ‘that moment’ will pass all too soon when my creative brain returns to mush.

So, I was wide awake during the early hours of this morning, pounding out a plot, when we received some much appreciated likes from the talented artist Maxine Dodd from Market Harborough.  Maxine is ‘currently exploring fast moving or fleeting subjects’.  So someone whose creative flow is captured on to the canvas as the subject streaks passed.  For this exhibition, racing cyclists. I cannot begin to imagine how incredibly hard that must be.  Maxine has an exhibition, Racing Lines, at the Alfred East Gallery, Sheep Street, Kettering, Northamptonshire starting on the 27th June 2015.

maxine dodd

For those of you who have been following the Aviva Women’s  Cycling Tour, you will know that it culminated in Kettering on Friday.   Christine Majerus  from Luxembourg won.  You can check out some of Maxine’s pictures @ – she certainly captures the speed and excitement of the racing cyclists in her pictures.  A tour de force all round.

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