As a musical theatre buff and having grown up with the iconic film The Sound of Music and its timeless score by Rogers and Hammerstein, I avidly watched the 2006 TV programme “How do you solve a problem like Maria’.

Sound of Music Poster

These were a series X Factor-esque shows and a platform from where Andrew Lloyd Webber could audition for the next Maria Von Trapp for his forthcoming production of Sound of Music and the British Public also got the opportunity to vote.  The competition was fierce but from day one, for me anyway, there was only ever one contender and that was 23-year-old Connie Fisher, not least because of her tremendous soprano voice but she also reminded me of a young Julie Andrews.

Connie Fisher

I went to see that production at the London Palladium with Connie as Maria and her performance was faultless. I had no idea that she had pulled out of the show in 2011 following problems with her voice, until I watched ‘I’ll sing once more’ on iPlayer last night.

‘I’ll sing once more’ is a heart warming and emotional documentary presented by Connie in her desperate search to overcome the condition, congenital sulcus vocalis, that has so prematurely blighted her career.  I cannot begin to imagine how agonizingly awful it would be for a singer at the pinnacle of her career to go through something as devastating as this and my heart goes out to her.

Click here to watch the documentary ‘I’ll Sing Once More‘.