Talk to Cassie – The Curse of the Grumpy Grey Cat


The other day, a young Dandy Dinmont called Doodle rang to talk to Cassie.  Doodle is being traumatized by his family’s grumpy grey cat.

When Doodle arrived at his new home, he was so happy.  He had his own room, his own little bed, delicious food and his new family were giving him lots of love and attention. He thought that he had chosen his new family well.  He had noticed a funny smell in the house but didn’t dwell on it too much as his life seemed to be perfect.

He was only ten weeks old when things started going wrong.  He went to bed that night, like the good boy that he is, and was just about to go to sleep when he heard a scratching noise at the window, and a strange hissing sound. It turned out to be Gremlin the cat.

Gremlin the grumpy, grey cat
Gremlin the grumpy, grey cat

Gremlin came through the window and started circling Doodle’s bed with his back arched and a Basil Brush tail.

Here is my family member Tilly demonstrating the pose. not very nice is it?
My family member, Tilly, is seen here demonstrating the arched back pose. Not very friendly is it?

‘Just as I thought”.  Gremlin hissed.  “The bad smell in the house is a dog and you are the reason I have been shut out for the last two weeks.  Well, dog, my name is Gremlin and I hate dogs.  I don’t like the way you bark.  I don’t like the way you wag your stupid tail and I particularly don’t like the way you smell.  I have been in this house for 10 years.  It is mine and I don’t want you here.  Understood?”.  He hissed, his grey head getting so close to Doodle that he could see his yellow teeth.’

Doodle is nearly a year old now and his life is a misery when his family are not around to protect him.  It sounds to me that Doodle’s family are not entirely relaxed with Gremlin either.  Mind you, look at that face, it’s enough to unnerve even the bravest of hoomans.

Gremlin ambushes Doodle, eats his food and taunts him by flexing his claws when he is sitting a few inches away from poor him.  This poor pup lives in fear of this grumpy grey cat and his self-esteem has hit rock bottom.  Gremlin cannot be allowed to continue to behave like this.  It is shocking dog abuse.

Doodle didn’t believe me when I told him my best friend was a cat.

‘Not all cats are like Gremilin.’ I told him ‘Ollie and I do everything together, including snoozing.’  Doodle looked appalled.  ‘Ollie wouldn’t hurt a fly, even if he could catch one.’

My bestie, Ollie, who couldn’t hurt a fly, even if he could catch one

I have told Doodle that he is doing nothing wrong.  He should try growling at Gremlin every now and then, just to show him he’s boss, not Gremlin.  Doodle didn’t think he could do that because he is still frightened of him.

I am afraid that poor Doodle will certainly need further counselling and I will help him for as long as it takes. In the meantime, I would also like to tell Gremlin what I think about him and I have a plan.  The next time Gremlin starts tormenting Doodle, I will be there.  And grumpy grey cat, you are goin’ down!

So for all you pups out there who are having to put up with fiendish feline behaviour, take heart and think on, where there is a bark there is always a bite.

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