Work in Progress – Light fuse and stand well back

Following a highly motivating creative writing weekend hosted by Adrienne Dines and Barbara Large of Creative Words Matter recently, my creative juices have positively begun to ooze.

Barbara (left) and Adrienne
Barbara Large (left) and Adrienne Dines

I have picked up one, of my many, Works in Progress and literally cannot put it down.  It is a piece that I always knew I could run with but life got in the way which, I know, is a lame excuse, so maybe all it needed was some enthusiastic guidance from Barbara and Adrienne to put me back on track.

I have taken the dog-eared manuscript by the throat with renewed enthusiasm and have effectively re-written it in a short space of time, almost to the first complete draft stage.  It is all in my head, I just need to get it on to paper.  So, I am making the most of this creative volcano that is exploding inside me. I am up all hours during the night staring into the computer screen, or up before dawn, honing the storyline.  My main character has grown up a bit and I like her much better this time around.

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Life for her in Chapter One had been a challenge.  Unfulfilled and now unmotivated. She needs a kick up the backside to get her going again.  Will she get it?  Of course she will, because I have lit the fuse for an explosive ending.




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