I have just got back from holiday.  I can generally manage at least a couple of blogs, in between eating, sleeping, sunbathing, intermittent reading and a lot of writing (other stuff).  Unfortunately, our Internet connection was such that I couldn’t upload.

Bad Blogger

A bad blogger I may be but a fully functioning Internet is kind of crucial.

Anyway, I haven’t been lazy, I have been working … hard … on my work in progress AKA ‘The Novel’.  It is something I should have finished years ago and I currently have no excuse other than to wrap it up once and for all.

Travelling, for me, helps my writing.  It is not only one of my passions but it provides me with an opportunity to observe and to inwardly digest a feast of cosmopolitan and buzzy humanity.  Their mannerisms and characteristics I store in my subconscious and, at a later date, they will help me to create and finely hone my own characters and make them as interesting as possible.  Well, that is the plan anyway.

For now anyway, it is back to more consistent blogging.