I have just bought a bunch of sunflowers.  I was in a trance whilst shopping at the supermarket, my mind was everywhere; totally unfocussed, well nothing to do with the supermarket anyway.  Then I saw them.  A flash of yellow.  They jumped out at me catching my eye and focusing my mind.  So I bought them.


Sunflowers always make me happy and today I woke up sad.  I know that you would enjoy them and if you were here, you would tell me not to be sad.  I love Sunflowers because they are not only my favourite colour, yellow, but they are bight, vibrant with an all encompassing joie de vivre.  A bit like you really.  They are calming and warm; very like you. They positively ooze fun and laughter; a lot like you.

If you were here you would say, “You don’t forget the fun times.  You store them in your heart forever and you revisit them whenever you are feeling sad”.  So I know I can never lose those times. I will never forget what a bright and colourful ray of sunshine you were in my life and you will stay with the fun times in my heart, as well as every time I look at sunflowers.

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