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Hello everyone.  Tessa has just told me off because I have not blogged for some time.  I am sorry about that, but I have had so much on during the summer.  Well, if you can call it summer.  In and out of the showers I have been running around with my friends Archie and Poppy

Archie and Poppy

which has been just great.  I may be small but I have the speed and same levels of energy as a Springer Spaniel and, as you know, I am self-confessed fitness freak.  I just wish a little bit more of me would rub off on Tessa.

Women Running by Beryl Cook
Women Running by Beryl Cook

I have just come back from the sand dunes after a one hour frolic with Holly Labradog, which is great exercise and Tessa managed to keep up, even if she spoilt it all with a bacon sandwich at Le Braye afterwards.


I have no idea where the time goes, so I better get blogging before I get another telling off.

Another reason I have been so busy is that my family member, Misha the Bengal, had an argument with a car recently and her hip popped out.  We were all very worried.  She had to have an operation and spent a week in hospital.

FullSizeRender (5)
Ouch!  Poor Misha

Since she has been home, her first 10 days had to be spent holed up in one room, which I have to say was a bit of a nightmare.  Bengals are very vocal at the best of times and Misha, how can I say, is not really the stay at home type.  So for her to be shut in one room 24 hours a day did not go down very well.  She meowed so much and so loudly, she not only kept the rest of us awake all night, but she lost her voice for a while, which I have to say was a bit of a blessing.

I tried keeping her company, chatting to her from the other side of door. How was she? Was she in any pain? Could I get her any more tuna fish with fresh clams? I was actually quite surprised by her responses.  I am no prude but I am not actually allowed to use the F word here … or the C word or the B word, but let me just say, she was pretty cross about everything.  She said she didn’t appreciate being under house arrest.  I tried to explain, as sensitively as possible, that it was for her own good and she told me to go away using the F word again.

Anyway she now has access to the whole house and I have been busy looking after her and making sure she doesn’t go out on her own.  She is only allowed out, on a lead, with Tessa.  Tessa actually had the cheek to say that she is walking better on the lead than I do.  That is so ridiculous! I have been walking on a lead since I was a baby.

Misha has only just started.  Anyway, here is a picture of Misha taking Tessa for a walk.


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