Consensual Duping?

In Chester Crown Court this week, 25-year-old Gayle Newland was convicted of three charges of sexual assault and cleared of two after impersonating a man to dupe her female partner into having sex.

The couple had clearly agreed to indulge in a little role play and fantasy which occurred around 10 times before the complainant, also 25, realised she wasn’t having sex with a man.  What?

During these forays into deceptious sex, the victim claims that she was made to wear a mask and that Ms Newland strapped bandages to her chest, wore a woollen hat and a swimsuit to the enhance the deception. No clues there then?

What makes it worse is that the two women have purportedly known each other since they were 13.  Blindfolded or not and aside from what sex you may or may not think your partner is, during the heat of passion on 10 occasions, how could you not realise you were in bed with someone you had known for 12 years?

Ms Newland’s claims that the Complainant did know who she was, but she has been convicted anyway.  I have to say that I am not entirely convinced who has been duped here.

blindfolded and in the dark
Blindfolded and in the dark? Cant see the wood for the trees?

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