LET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN – but you need to be quick

To coincide with Halloween 2014, I blogged about one of my all time favourite musicals The Rocky Horror Show.  I ruefully concluded that the show was not on tour in the UK and left readers with a video of Tim Curry as Frank’N’Furter.

A year later I am very happy to report that the show is back for a limited run at the Playhouse Theatre in the West End from 11th-26th September 2015, so you better get in there quickly if you stand any hope of getting a ticket.  Book here!

Not only is David Bedella Frank’N’Furter but Rocky’s creator Richard O’Brien is back, after 20 years to play the part of the Narrator.  Not to be missed.

Richard O’Brien as the Narrator and David Bedella as Frank’N’Furter Credit: WENN.com/JRAA/ZDS



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