Animal Rights For All The Wrong Reasons

I was appalled and shocked to see the video that is currently doing the rounds of social media of three so-called animal rights activists from Cause Animale Nord  snatching a puppy away from its owner.  If you haven’t seen this outrageous footage, here it is:

I can’t work out what I find the most upsetting about this video, the puppy’s cries, the man’s cries or the totally cavalier way in which the animal rights people are wading in there. In my mind, this is theft by forcible means.  If someone snatched my dog away from me in the street, I would have the police after them PDQ.

Nghi Le Duc, who shot the video and posted it on Facebook, said he was shocked when he saw what was happening, saying that the activists “violently and mercilessly” took a homeless man’s friend.  Yes, I neglected to say that the owner of the dog was homeless.  That fact is inconsequential!  You can tell from the video just how much this man cared about the puppy.  So I cannot see what Cause Animale Nord were thinking that gave them the right to effectively steal this puppy.

I hope that Cause Animale Nord are proud of themselves.  The homeless man is in bits and puppy was terrified and what is so appalling is that they then put the puppy up for adoption on Facebook, posting a video of puppy, now called Vegan, asking for a fee of £144.  I thought if you adopted and animal you gave the charity a donation.  The important thing is that they are going to be loved and it seems to me this puppy already was.

The puppy is probably young enough to get over his or her terrible ordeal, but the homeless guy may not be able to. It is obvious how much he loved his pup.  Shocking.  Named and shamed Cause Animale Nord.


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