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I am always plugging myself into TED Talks. For my own benefit, I refer to them as PEP Talks. 15 minutes tuned into someone who is passionate about what they do and how they achieved it, is really motivating. You need so much confidence and passion to stand up in front of an arena full of people and say “This is me, this is what I do and I love it! You can do anything you want. Go for it!” inspiring your audience to tackle greater things.

Last night, whilst feeling a challenged about what I need to do in my life right now, I listened to a talk by a 26-year-old American motivational speaker, Lizzie Velásquez who was asking “What is it that defines you?”

Lizzie was born with an extremely rare congenital disease. There is only one other person in the world who is known to have it. She is blind in one eye, cannot gain weight, her immune system is challenged and she has an aging skin.


Once dubbed the world’s ugliest woman by wimpish cyber bullies.  Boy!  They really didn’t hold back.  “Why did your parents keep you?”and “Kill it with fire.” You can, I am sure, imagine what a hard time Lizzie had at school. Children can be so cruel, but think on.

Worlds Thinest Woman Fights Back

Most of us would want to hide ourselves away I think, but not Lizzie.  She turned it all around, taking all the negativity in her life and changing it into something positive.  She went to college, became a motivational speaker and, so far, has written three books.

lIZZIE3So if you are feeling negative today … get over it.

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