Fantasy Dinner Party – Who would you ask?

The Christmas advertising onslaught has begun, reminding me of how many days there are left until Christmas.  My immediate reaction is bah humbug and switch off. I am not remotely ready for Christmas and it will stay that way until 1st December. Unfortunately, my subconscious mind never lets me switch off and it keeps niggling me about it. What are you going to get so and so for Christmas? What menus have you got planned? No idea and I haven’t got any menus planned!

‘Tis the season to be jolly kept me awake last night.  How many fused sets of tree lights will there be this year?  Remember not to buy too many mince pies, they don’t all get eaten.  Don’t get too pissed before you start cooking and risk an uncooked bird and everybody going down with salmonella poisoning on Boxing Day.  Then, fortunately, my thoughts drifted off on to another tack.

If you could choose 10 people in the world to invite to a dinner party, who would they be?

This would be my fantasy guest list and why?

Jack Sparrow

Captain Jack

because he is the man I would have loved to introduce to my mother when I first started taking blokes home and wouldn’t be averse to bringing him home now. Savvy?

Fascinating AidaDillie Keane, Adele Anderson and Liza Pullman

Fasinating October

Why? Obviously because I love them and I have undoubtedly been to more of their shows than anybody else’s on the entire planet.

Diane Keaton – Favourite actress.

Michael McIntyre – because he is the one and only stand-up comedian I love.

Lesley Garrett – because I love not only her voice, but her sense of humour as well.

Willy Russell – As a musical fanatic, Blood Brothers, is the only show I have seen two nights on the trot. I would have gone a third night running, but that would have been plain greedy.

Bill Nighy – Favourite actor.

Bryan Adams – because I love all his music, simples.

Who would you ask?

By the way, there are only 65 days left to Christmas.

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