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GOW RANT – Why are some job applications not acknowledged? There is no excuse!

Have you ever applied for a job and not received a reply? Especially after you have invested considerable time and trouble writing your letter of application, knowing that your expertise dovetails so precisely with the experience and skills laid out in the job description.

You wait expectantly for a response and it never comes.  You begin to wonder why?  Why have they not responded?  Am I that bad?  No you are not!  I consider that the lack of an acknowledgement from any prospective employer is just downright rude … but … Jennifer Parris reported recently that, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 25% of job applicants fail to receive a response. Which, for those of us in that 25% category, makes us feel even more paranoid. Why is the 75% group so different from us?

You can make all sorts of excuses for employers. Short staffed, that is why they are recruiting in the first place. Hundreds of applications, you can’t respond to everybody. But you can.  Of course you can!  In this day and age there is no excuse? How long does it take to write a basic email? Then ping the same email to all the 100% group of applicants who not only failed to get the job, but didn’t make it through to the interview stage.

Thank you very much for applying for the position of Blogger with Lost Blogs.

We very much appreciated the opportunity to consider you for a position on our team. We’ve reviewed your background and experience and have decided to proceed with other candidates who meet our needs more closely at this time. This was an extremely competitive process and we received hundreds of applications. This was definitely a tough decision for us, as you were a solid candidate.

We would like to wish you a every success with your future career.

The answer is no time at all.  So, however large or small any potential employer’s organisation is, there is absolutely no excuse not to dignify any job application with a response.

Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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