What’s Hot On TV? RIVER – a big story which flows at a fast pace

Sad, but true, it is not very often I get addicted to anything on TV these days, but I am totally hooked on this one.

A far cry from Mama Mia but Stellan Skarsgård is currently excelling as a brooding, emotionally complex veteran detective in the BBC’s six part drama series, River.


The series was written by the compelling UK Writer Abi Morgan (Shame, The Iron Lady, The Hour).

If any of you were hooked on the TV series The Fall with Gillian Anderson, then you should definitely watch this. In my opinion River is better.

Swedish detective, John River, has been keeping crime off London’s streets for many years and is trying to come to terms with, as well as solve, one of the most difficult cases of his career.  The plot is just too good for me to give away any more of it, if you have an opportunity to watch it from the start, which you should definitely do. What I will say is that the series explores a whole gamut of emotions.  Way beyond your average TV crime drama.

When the series was first announced, Abi Morgan said “The chance to tell big stories in a bold way on a channel that embraces so many writers, directors and actors I admire and respect is a huge treat.”

It is certainly a big story which flows at a fast pace and a huge treat for us viewers. 

Stellan Skarsgård as the brooding Swedish detective River with Nicola Walker (left) as DS Jackie “Stevie” Stevenson and Georgina Rich as Police psychologist Rosa Fallows

There is also a brilliant supporting cast, not least Nicola Walker – who is also currently appearing in another good ITV police series, Unforgotten – as River’s partner in crime and Lesley Manville as his increasingly fragile superior.

Definitely one to watch.


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