Cold Feet set to Return to our TV screens in 2016

Yes! Yes! Yes! This news has made my day.  The rumours have been driving me mad since August 2015.  Will it?  Or won’t it? Well it is and it’s about time.

Cold Feet was the brilliant, totally addictive series created by screenwriter Mike Bullen, and won him the Writer of the Year Award at the British Comedy Awards in 2003, but there was so much more than humour to Cold Feet.   It had everything, including heart-wrenchingly poignant and emotional drama.  Set in Manchester, it followed the lives of 3 thirty-something couples over 5 series which ran from 1997 – 2003.

The original cast were not so well known in 1997, but turned out to be the Dream Team as the chemistry sparked between them.  When the series ended, they all went on to achieve individual success.

Cold Feet

I dug my old videos out last night and watched the first two episodes back to back  and Cold Feet certainly stands the test of time.  We will still have to wait until next Autumn to see the chemistry spark again but it will be worth the wait.

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