Windbag or What? The Three C’s of Good Writing

Take a look at that, you pompous windbag ….

from Disney’s Cinderella (1950)

A few years ago at work, I sent an email to one of the companies we dealt with on a daily basis to tell them why I did not agree with a decision they had made regarding one of our clients. The response came back that I had put a good up a good argument, even if I had come across as being a little verbose.  Verbose?  Moi?  The inference was that I had been very verbose. As windy as I may have been, it was a satisfactory outcome for our client, but the thought that people found me to be verbose left me smarting.  Even worse, was I in danger of becoming a windbag?

boring book cat

Verbosity seems to be coming back to bite me as I am currently slashing and burning a third of my Work in Progress,  battling to write a precise synopsis and trying to not over pontificate when blogging.

Every aspiring writer needs to adhere to Kathy Watson, AKA Ruthless Editor, who sums it all up in her Three C’s of Good Writing:

Clear: Does your message convey in distinct and certain terms what you want the reader to do or feel? A clear message is easily understood; there is no ambiguity.

Concise: Is your message to the point? Have you conveyed your thoughts in the fewest words?

Correct: Does your message conform to standard rules of grammar? Do you use words, verb tenses, sentence structure and punctuation in a way that ensures understanding?

I am working on it.

Good Writing

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