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Simon Cowell, may be able to mould and mentor young wannabes into global superstars but, as I have been saying for quite some time, Jersey seems to be doing a great job of nurturing its own home grown talent.

We are not talking about New Jersey, no.  This Jersey is a very small island in the English Channel.  So, what is currently giving Jersey the performance edge?  Is it something in the bracing sea air, the home grown potatoes or the average 2000 sunshine hours we can boast of every year?  Who knows? But it is on a roll.

Last year Jersey Boy Jonny Labey deservedly landed himself a part in EastEnders and he is someone who is just as at home tapping his way through a Top Hat and White Tie routine as he is treading the streets of Walford.  Oh yes and he can sing as well.  I have also been a great supporter of the late lamented STOMP, as well as The Progressive School of Music and Drama Lab, to name a few of the performance-based schools on the Island teaching drama and musical theatre to 6-18 year olds and it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity watch Jonny’s journey into the spotlight over the years.

In 2016 its seems another star is on the rise.  I first saw a 15-year-old Sara Strudwick perform two years ago when she was one of the local warm up acts for Sir Tom Jones.  Even at such a young age, she looked relaxed and at ease with the audience, which must have been considerably larger than the audiences at the gigs she had played up to that point.

For the last few years Sara’s voice has been nurtured by our very own Jaime Boylan of B Vocal Jersey and she could not have had better support than Jaime.

Sara with vocal coach Jaime Boylan before the Jingle Jangle gig December 2015


In December 2015 Sara was included in the line up for the Jersey Jingle Jangle Christmas gig alongside Union J and Luke Friend, both acts having found their fame through the X-Factor system.

Sara with Luke Friend at the Jingle Jangle gig December 2015 – Photo Credit:  James Solomon Photography


Sara Strudwick has just started out on the rocky road to a career in the music industry.  She has just published the video below and with performances like this at the outset, who knows where it could lead?   Check out Sara’s Facebook page @ – Spread the word.


Sara’s version of Carrie Underwood’s Before He Cheats January 2016.

Produced by Jack Helm of Dream Box Studios and featuring violinist Jonathan Hill.

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