Blogger’s Log – Stardate 02/02/16

It’s six months since I embarked on this voyage and have taken several rentrillic trajectories to reach where we are now, the deep fictional territory of my uncharted novel.

I have boldly gone in search of a solid middle and a shocker ending.  I hope I find them soon.  I think, maybe, I will chart my next sortie, as I have wasted time confusing myself with inter-chapter time zones.

As I lead my errant cast of characters towards their fate, they willingly follow.  One, in particular, has endeared himself to me, having tapped into to my thought process to find out it was my intention to bump him off in chapter 21.  In the end… I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Leading my errant cast of characters towards their fate

I continue to impress myself with my determination to succeed, blessed with an overwhelming desire to crack on and somehow manage to keep going when I should be sleeping.

typing fast.gif

As my hero, Captain James T. Kirk once said ‘You either believe in yourself or you don’t,’ and I need to take that leap of faith now and finish this book that has been stuck in a static warp bubble inside my head for too long.

Tomorrow I will chart a rentrillic trajectory course towards the next plot twist quadrant with a renewed confidence and despite having to avoid a few Mercury crossing minor planets, I am definitely beginning to see The End more clearly.

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