Edit, edit, edit. Delete, delete, delete. I do wonder why I spend so many hours writing, writing, writing when I delete so much of it and rewrite. Perish the thought that I may have fallen into the category of windbag.


Today I have lost count of how many cups of coffee I have drunk. This does not bode well for when I need to sleep, but I just cannot stay warm. I fear the condition could have been brought on because I have been left to run the ship single handed for two weeks as the others are heading for the Caribbean today. Not that I am remotely jealous. My eyes are naturally green.

green eye

I need a break from rewriting and think I may binge watch a few episodes of Person of Interest.  What a fantastic series this is!  I am hoping to glean a little inspiration from its creator Jonathan Nolan.  It will certainly keep my mind off rewriting, feeling cold and smarting about not being in the Caribbean.

Person of Interest